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Jiufen gets its name from the original nine families who settled in the village during the Qing dynasty, who asked for nine portions of shipments every time they arrived (九Jiu=nine 份Fen=portion). 

| National Museum of Marine Science and Technology

The National Museum of Marine Science & Technology in Taiwan

The NMMST is more than just a museum. It epitomizes balance, combining modern design and scenic landscapes. Encompassing an area of over 500,000 square meters in the city of Keelung’s Badouzi Harbor, the NMMST includes an award winning Museum Complex, breathtaking highland viewpoints, and numerous parks and trails.

The Museum Complex, which includes the Main Exhibition Building, Ocean Theater, and the Regional Exploration Building, features detailed exhibitions pertaining to marine science, technology, ecology, and culture. Additionally, the Museum Complex has important ties to the history of Taiwan. Formerly the site of the Pei-Pu Steam Power Station, which was constructed in 1937 during the Japanese occupation of the island, the Main Exhibition Building retains the power station's existing foundation and structure, which can still be seen from inside the museum today.


We welcome you to visit and discover for yourself everything that the NMMST has to offer, it is certainly a destination that is not to be missed!


Raindance  Brunch 

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Badouzi 。Chaojing Park

Chaojing Park is located in the east side of the Badouzi peninsula and faces the Wanghaixiang bay. Although it was originally the site of a 1000 square meter landfill, the construction of the NMMST has brought about a huge transformation. Chaojing Park now features a parking lot, bike trails, futons, garden chairs, lawns and landscape sculptures, making it a wonderful place to walk, jog, bike and go sight-seeing. Inside the park, a local poet has left his works to allow tourists to appreciate the maritime lifestyle.