| Hand made flying fish roe sausage |

Flying fish roe is a famous product of Badouzi, and Boshengxing flying fish roe sausage has distinct grains of flying fish roe, and the bursting texture of one bite is unforgettable! When you come to Badouzi, of course, you have to buy some souvenirs home, and the store will help you vacuum pack them~

Fee: 500 per person, minimum four persons.

Estimated time of activity: 80 mins

Suggested schedule Morning: 10:00 - 12:00, Afternoon: 13:30 - 17:30 (adjustable)

Suggested clothing: unlimited


Note: The ingredients need to be prepared in advance. Cancelation policy is as follows:

1. If the cancellation is made 7 days before the course (excluding the event day), the full amount will be refunded.

2. If the cancellation is made within 6 days to 4 days before the course, 50% of the paid amount will be refunded (excluding the activity day).

3. Cancellations will not be accepted from 3 days before the course, and no refund will be made. (excluding the activity day)





所要時間: 80 分

選択時間: AM: 10:00 - 12:00、PM: 13:30 - 17:30 (調整可能)



1. 開催日の7日前(開催日を除く)までにキャンセルのご連絡をいただき、料金をお支払いいただいた場合は全額返金いたします。

2. 受講日の6日前から4日前まで(活動日を除く)のキャンセルは、お支払いいただいた金額の50%を返金いたします。

3. 受講日の3日前から当日までのキャンセルはお受けできません。





Handmade Ichiyaboshi (one-night dry fish) - personally experience the essence of local fishing village culture.

一夜干し- 地元の漁村の文化を個人的に体験






Wear straw sandals in the intertidal zone to experience coastal ecology.






Bravely venture into Elephant Trunk Rock, fun for parents and children

Inexperienced people can also easily drive it. Along the way, you can enjoy the terminal point of the Shen-ao Branch Line of the most beautiful coastal railway in Taiwan, the El Capitan Rock and the Elephant Trunk Rock, and enjoy the tranquility and simplicity of the unique scenery.

Summer Limited / April-September

Nose Rock is one of the 36 secret places in Taiwan widely circulated on the Internet. It resembles a giant rock standing sideways on the sea. The sea at the bottom of the elephant, the gap between the elephant head and the trunk forms the arch landscape of the sea cave.

Shen'ao Elephant Trunk Rock is a cape located in Shen'ao, formerly known as Fanzai'ao, which is a cape next to Shen'ao Fishing Port in Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Due to the long-term erosion of the northeast monsoon and the beating of waves, the special geological landscape of Shen'ao Elephant Trunk Rock has been created.


Sea bicycle

The latest cool gameplay! Easy sailing is effortless, and passengers who have no foundation and are afraid of water can also easily enjoy the blue ocean, and present aerial shots of beautiful scenery, leaving a lot of memories. Inexperienced people can also easily ride a water bike, and can easily reach Elephant Trunk Rock without any skills. Along the way, you can enjoy the most beautiful coastal railway in Taiwan at the end of the Shen-ao Branch Line, and take pictures with El Capitan and Elephant Trunk Rock, enjoying the tranquility and independence of the world. You can choose the sunrise, morning, or afternoon itinerary according to your preferences, and enjoy the beautiful scenery at different times.



1. If there is an odd number of tourists in a double water bike for 2 people, he/she must be matched with a coach or other tourists in the same group.

2. In case of bad weather or sea conditions such as typhoons, a decision will be made 1 day before the departure whether the tour will be canceled or not, and a phone call notice will be made afterwards.

3. Tourists with the following diseases or other unsuitable overstimulation are not recommended to participate in this project: high blood pressure, heart disease, acrophobia, asthma, epilepsy, pregnant women.





夏季限定 / 4月~9月

象鼻岩は台湾の 36 の秘密の場所の 1 つで、海に横たわる巨大な巨大な岩に似ており、頭と胴体の間の隙間が海食洞のアーチ状の景観を形成しています。


1. 2 人乗りのダブル ウォーター バイクに奇数の観光客がいる場合は、同じグループのバスまたは他の観光客と一致する必要があります。
2. 台風等の悪天候や海況の場合は、出発の前日までに中止の判断をし、電話にて連絡いたします。
3. 高血圧、心臓病、高所恐怖症、喘息、てんかん、妊娠中の女性など、以下の疾患またはその他の不適切な刺激をお持ちの旅行者は、このプロジェクトへの参加をお勧めしません。





| SUP|





The most beautiful secret place, parent-child swimming pool.